IFRS 17 PAA calculator

21. 2. 2024 Žaneta Dufková

Introducing our updated PAA Calculator – a cutting-edge tool designed within the MS Excel environment, developed to measure the IFRS 17 values by a simplified measurement model, Premium Allocation Approach. It is defined based on the IFRS 17 requirements and our experience with its implementation.

Based on practical experience, the calculator has been newly improved by the following points:

  • Calculator allows to provide inputs as required by IFRS 17 Standard (defined terminology) or by former structure of inputs (so called UPR approach) where you can insert GWP, UPR, DAC etc and the tool transfers these inputs to calculate IFRS 17 values. Client can decide for each defined portfolio which set of inputs will be provided. This feature further improves the flexibility of the tool and can much more help clients to understand IFRS 17 calculations
  • Extended reporting functionalities helping better analyse IFRS 17 results

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