IFRS 17 services

We provide complete service related to IFRS 17 based on particular needs. Typical areas of support include:

  • Trainings for actuaries, accountants, management, other employees
  • Gap analysis and implementation planning
  • Methodological support – preparation / review of position papers, localization of group methodology
  • Calculation tools and illustrative examples (PAA eligibility, VFA eligibility, onerous contract test, systematic allocation to OCI,…)
  • Impact assessments, dry runs, validations
  • Project Management and Implementation support
  • Data and IT specifications
  • Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Transition support

We have also developed many useful IFRS17 tools. For further information follow the link at each tool:

  • IFRS17 GMA proxy calculator - link
  • IFRS17 PAA calculator - link
  • IFRS17 PAA RI held calculator - link
  • IFRS17 Transition calculators - link
  • IFRS17 Cube solution - link
  • IFRS17 Add-ins - link
  • IFRS17 Eligibility tools - link
  • IFRS17 Illustrative models - link

For further information about IFRS 17, see also our useful links.


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