ALM in insurance Business - ENG

ALM in insurance Business - ENG

Price: EUR 30 or CZK 750 excluding VAT

The objectives of the webinar are for participants to be clearer about:

  • what are the main ALM objectives,
  • they understand several useful ALM Analysis and Techniques usually applied in the insurance business and 
  • have some other ideas about the principles of a typical organization of ALM activities with the insurance company.

The schedule is the following:

  • A short introduction to the ALM topic.
  • Practical ALM analysis 
    • with a focus on  A. Value Management and B. Cash Flow Management as the most important ones, 
    • also mentioning the principles of some others as well.
  • Liquidity Risk Management – the focus on it is growing now (also thanks to the pandemic)
  • ALM organization - to give you at least some hints and the basic principles
  • Other possible ALM topics

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