Process optimization

Complexity of existing processes and new demands for speeding up calculation, reporting and operational tasks force clients to optimize regular processes.

With our consultants who have strong experience from both insurance and consulting companies we help our clients with the review of processes and suggestion of next steps. These steps may be implemented internally, or we can partially or fully do the realization.

Our main are of focus is on financial and actuarial processes but using our cooperation with external parties (IT, business consultants) we provide also process optimization across the whole company (such as claims handling, accounting steps, premium collection, fraud detection, client services, policy administration, etc.).

Typically, the optimization is based on two areas:

  • Process automation, and
  • Process definition

Process automation

Many of individual steps require manual tasks that can be easily transformed to fully or partially automatic task which can significantly reduce time and costs to perform these tasks.

We can provide simple automation using various marcos, APIs and simple functionalities of existing programs but we can also provide robust solution to complex processes using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

Process definition

Some processes have inefficient steps that are based on some internal policy or security restrictions that is not valid anymore, duplication of another process etc. We review processes in detail with particular people who perform the process. Very often there are hidden simple ideas how to optimize and speed up the existing process.

Our experience allows us to find areas for the improvement of the process and its efficiency by simple process modification without additional risk or any other impact on other processes. This also includes unified approach across different portfolios, systems, users etc.


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