IFRS17 Smart Assistant

We are happy to introduce you to our IFRS17 Smart Assistant.

Combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and insurance was always the goal! We are very proud we can be part of this revolution. Our first-generation IFRS17 Smart Assistant has been designed to combine AI and International Financial Reporting Standard 17.
It isn't the final piece but a testament to what AI can bring to the insurance table! Dive deep into AI's role in insurance, catch up with the latest development in the market, and get hands-on experience with the most cutting-edge tools.

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Key benefits:

  • Subject Specificity: The Smart Assistant leverages a vector database derived exclusively from the seleted three most important IFRS17 documents, allowing it to understand and respond to specific legal terminology.
  • More than a "smart lookup": The Smart Assistant can interpret and rewrite complex legal text into simpler terms helping you to understand the content.
  • Conversational Ability: The Smart Assistant remembers and responds to follow-up questions, facilitating more natural conversations.

Keep in mind:

  • Use specific legal language/terms for the best results.
  • Responses might take between 10 to 60 seconds.
  • The Smart Assistant uses a probabilistic model, which can sometimes produce incorrect answers or respond with "I don't know." In such cases, try rephrasing or refining your question.

Example questions: 

  • What is the difference between a service and an insurance contract?
  • Shall general operational risk be included in risk adjustment calculation?
  • What is the contractual service margin and how do i measure it?
  • Explain CSM in simple terms
  • What is meant by financing component?
  • When can i apply PAA to measurement of insurance contracts?
  • What is difference between direct participation feature and discretionary participation feature?

Feel free to give us your feedback from the experience with our T4F IFRS17 Smart Assistant.

Please remember we are still here to help you if our T4F IFRS17 Smart assistant is not giving you complete support you need.

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