IFRS 17 Illustrative models

Various MS Excel models, illustrative examples and testing tools for PAA, GMA, VFA, and reinsurance business.

The main aim is on financial analyses, impact studies and validation of other IFRS 17 solutions.

Often it includes movement of different IFRS 17 components such as CSM, RA, liability for remaining coverage, liability for incurred claims.

Apart from these IFRS17 Illustrative models we have developed also several more complex tools. Feel free too see more information about them on their pages:

  • IFRS17 Cube solution - link
  • IFRS17 Add-ins - link
  • IFRS17 GMA proxy calculator - link
  • IFRS17 PAA calculator - link
  • IFRS17 PAA RI held calculator - link
  • IFRS17 Eligibility tools - link
  • IFRS17 Transition calculators - link

We often support client also directly as consultants. For further information about our IFRS17 services, please foolow the link.

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