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Valuation of employee benefits

We provide a complete support in valuation of the long-term employee benefits liability where actuarial methods have to be applied. (The relevant standard - IAS 19 - recommends appointing the qualified actuary.) We have been experienced in IAS 19 valuations for 10 years. Many well respected companies such as ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s., Barum Continental s.r.o., Contitrade Services s.r.o, Siemens s.r.o. and others already belong to our regular clients.


Our support contains:

  • Analysis of the company Collective Agreement and identification of the benefits which are to be calculated and reported under the IAS 19.
  • Definition of the company specific data needed for the calculation (e.g. list of employees, fluctuation information, etc.).
  • Creation of the actuarial models and calculation of the employee benefits obligation considering expected projection of future mortalities, retirement principles, fluctuation, market interest rates, etc. as required by international accounting standards.
  • Creation of the final report (in Czech or English language) describing in details the results, calculation approach, data and assumptions, etc. This report may be used when communicating with auditors and other stakeholders.
  • Support in communication with auditors. Auditors may contact us directly, if necessary.
  • Continuous communication and modification of the model based on your needs.

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