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Financial Reporting Services

Integrated solution for harmonization of various reporting streams: IFRS (including Phase II), Solvency II, MCEV, statutory, eventually US GAAP. Employee benefits (IAS 19).

IFRS phase II

Although the implementation deadline seems to be very far away, given the unprecedented changes in insurance accounting, which are currently proposed under phase II of the insurance contracts project, it is necessary to start with preparations already now. We can support our clients with impact assessment of the proposed new standard (balance sheet, profit and loss), analysis of products to determine the proper accounting model, development of actuarial models and calculation of the required figures for IFRS disclosures.


Integrated reporting

Timely and accurate reporting is equally important for external stakeholders and management. To make sure that both the quality and the timeliness of the presented financial information are assured, insurance companies must invest a lot into human resources or technologies. At the same time, the information presented in various reporting standard must be mutually consistent and reconcilable. We can help you with definition of the methodologies (accounting standards, EV methodology, etc.) and required data, optimizing the processes around various reporting streams (IFRS, SII, EV, statutory reporting), preparation of the required reporting and reconciliation templates and necessary calculation tasks. Our professionals can also help with selection of the most appropriate IT infrastructure to support the reporting.


Valuation of Employee Benefits (IAS 19)

Many companies outside of the financial sector can be caught in surprise when they realize that they are obliged to create long-term provisions for their liabilities arising from certain employee benefits. We can support these clients with a comprehensive solution of this issue. Our services include analysis of the relevant Collective Agreement, identification of the benefits for which IAS 19 requires creation of long term provisions, definition of the data needed for calculations, creation of the actuarial models and production of the numbers required for disclosures under IFRS.


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