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We have recently entered the last year before the “full” Solvency II officially begins. No more excuses, no more delays, core legislation is now carved in stone and insurers have rest of this year only to embrace all (or at least those applicable from the very beginning of the new Solvency II era) Solvency II requirements.

Despite the fact that “Solvency II schedule” as well as core legislation is clear now, something is still happening in the “Solvency II world” and we decided to keep you posted also in this year and so we bring to you another issue of our Solvency II Newsletter. Same as the previous ones, we will cover highlights of recent developments as well as how our company may support you in the area of Solvency II.

With this year first issue we want to focus your attention on the following topics:

  • Recent developments in the area of Solvency II – list of important Solvency II related events that occurred at the end of December and in January
  • Set 2 of the Solvency II Implementing Technical Standards and Guidelines
  • Tools and services – a limited list of what we can provide in the area of Solvency II in order to ease your burden

You can download current issue here.

If you are interested in the Solvency II Newsletters released last year, please refer to our official website where you can all of them easily download with no registration needed. We wish you a pleasant reading.

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