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System Sophas is an actuarial system especially prepared for easy creation and fast running cash flow models, mainly in insurance companies. Sophas was created by JL Soft group ( in the year 2003. Currently, it is used by many respected insurance companies, groups, regulators, audit companies, etc.

You can download the demo version here.

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Files to download

Sophas description SOPHAS description.pdf 545.576 kB
Updates Sophas version 3.0 7721_Updates Sophas version 3.0.pdf 425.163 kB
Leaflet Sophas Sophas leaflet_A4.pdf 498.749 kB
Version 2.5 Updates Sophas version 2,5.pdf 357.2 kB
Offer for actuarial Consultancy Companies Offer for actuarial Consultancy Companies.pdf 294.597 kB
10th anniversary of the Sophas system 10th ANNIVERSARY OF THE SOPHAS SYS..pdf 424.529 kB

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