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ESG - Yield Curve Simulation


ESG – Yield Curve Simulation tool is a lightweight application with minimal memory consumption providing you with future interest rates risk neutral scenarios. The tool implements the Hull - White one-factor approach, very often applied for such purposes. Inputs to this simulation also are the market yield curve (possibly prepared by Yield Curve Fitting tool) and Hull-White model parameters calibrated to the market data (possibly derived from ESG - Yield Curve Calibration tool).
Although the application is easy to understand, contains detailed User Guide as well as a Help feature, we also can provide you with a comprehensive training of the tool handling and related theory.
If required, we also can agree on tailor made adjustments of the tool to cover your specific needs.

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Files to download

User License Agreement ESG_Simulation_tool_2_00_User License Agreement.pdf 638.528 kB
Download demo 4203.199 kB
User guide ESG_Simulation_tool_2_00_User guide.pdf 887.263 kB
Short description ESG_Simulation_tool_2_00_Short description.pdf 259.768 kB

License prices:

1 computer station
5000 EUR
2 computer stations
7500 EUR
3 computer stations
10000 EUR
4 computer stations
11650 EUR
5 computer stations
13300 EUR
6 computer stations
14550 EUR
7 computer stations
15800 EUR
8 computer stations
16550 EUR
9 computer stations
17300 EUR

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